Intermittent fasting – 5 years later

I do remember quite well reading my first article about the intermittent fasting concept a long time ago. Back then (about 2011),  I was in my 2nd year of the IT studies and honestly, packing 3-5 meals to my bag in order to stick to the one the most popular broscience fads (eat 6 small meals per day to boost your metabolism and make your muscles grow, as it’s really the one and only proper way) began to feel a little bit uncomfortable.
And I’m not even talking about preparing these meals, rather the fact that I’d have to find an appropriate time slot to consume such a meal (e.g. 5-10 min. break between the lectures) and very often I wasn’t even hungry. Not to mention the fact, that during the heavy winter while not being able to heaten up a meal it wouldn’t taste too good (just to say it in a polite way). That didn’t feel right – this and the fact that I’ve always liked to test the new ideas made me look for some other approach that would suit my needs. And that’s how my story with the intermittent fasting has begun.

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