The Slavic doping dilemma

If you are even remotely interested in Olympic weightlifting and you have not heard about him you must have been living under a rock for the past 8 years. Ilya Ilyin, weightlifting prodigy, twice-Olympic champion, four-times world champion. He has never, ever been defeated in any competition. His extravagant, rock star personality combined with a unique style made him a superstar in his home country. A friend of¬†Nazarbayev himself, the Kazakh president, Ilya was featured on Kazakhstan’s 2013 stamp. When Kazakhstan hosted the World Championships in Almaty, Ilya’s incredible personality brought huge crowds to the event. It is there, where after 2 consecutive successful world record attempts, he¬†was forced to lift an astounding 242 kilograms in clean and jerk. Against all odds and probably even laws of physics, Ilya’s lift was successful. Just 2 years before the next Olympics, he seemed unstoppable.

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